Hunter Biden Reportedly Brings an Ends to his relation with Hallie Biden, his Late Brother Beau’s Widow

After deciding to choose their different ways, Hunter Biden split from his late brother’s Wife whose name is Hallie Biden, according to Page Six. As per the reports, they were together for more than two years.

Hunter, Joe Biden’s son, accepted that he came into with relationship with his brother’s wife Hallie nearly 9 months after the death of his brother. Beau died from brain cancer.

Hunter said that he and Hallie are amazingly fortunate to have the love and comfort from their friends and family for them in such a tough time, and it is absolutely clear to the persons who care about us. They have been so blessed to them who always put a helping hand forward in every step of life.

Joe Biden, Hunter’s father, had given blessings to both of them.  Joe considered himself and his family lucky to see that his 47-year-old son and Hallie are trying to put their lives into order again after such an unfortunate incident. Joe Biden and his wife Jill are giving complete support to them.

Hunter and his ex-wife, Kathleen Biden, parted their ways in October 2015 and brought end an end to their 22 years of marriage. They settled their hostile divorce in the month of April 2017. The former wives share three daughters: Naomi, Finnegan and Maisy. There was buzz floating around the split of Hunter with Hallie some months after Vanity Fair interviewed him in which he talked about his hostile divorce and asserted that his father was always proud of him no matter what took place in his Personal Life. The lobbyist turned lawyer, who was discharged from the United States Naval Reserve in the year 2014 after positive cocaine testing, emphasized that his father has always act as his pillar of love and strength in his world.

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