Nene Leakes Dress Re-wear Andy Cohen

Nene Leakes Responds to Andy Cohen Comment on Her Dress Choice on Instagram

On Sunday’s Watch What Happens Live episode, TV talk show host Andy Cohen directed the audience’s attention to the Nene Leakes’ lacy red Marchesa Notte outfit by saying that this dress has been worn by here two years prior. Nene Leakes didn’t find this comment amusing at all and find it offensive and posted on her Instagram handle the following day.

Can somebody please tell me what was the point of this? Like i don’t get it. That was 2 years ago i wore this dress ONCE, so I can’t sit in a confessional with it on @bravoandy How many times have you recycled your suits and ties? #pointless #messy why you care? she wrote this as the caption of the WWHL clip.

She also wrote

“It’s enough that we #RHOA ladies come for each other and now we have to worry about executives coming for us! No, I mean coming for me! It’s not cool. Wasn’t you interviewing those girls? What you mad about? Y’all stay coming for me but soon as I say something or do something I’m wrong🤷🏽‍♀️ I DONT APPRECIATE THIS AT ALL #marchesanotte.”

The 51-year-old WWHL Show host, in a light-hearted manner, talked about her NeNe’s red dress and said that this red dress was also earlier worn by her on his show in Los Angeles. Her Two-year-old picture was also shown on the screen in which she was wearing the off-shoulder frock.

Cohen didn’t stop here and continued saying “By the way, one of NeNe’s confessional looks this year is the same dress she wore to our big doorbell show in L.A. where the strap broke,” “So I guess she fixed her strap, which we love. You know what we just love our eagle-eyed researchers here.”

Eva Marcille, who was present at the show started laughing intensely, giving him the hint to take back his words:

“Why was that shady? Huh? I didn’t mean for that to be shady,” This was Andy’s response to her laughter.

“You’re just like me…sometimes it comes out,” Marcille, who was previously engaged in a bitter quarrel with Leakes, answered.

The RHOA actress didn’t stop there on Instagram. A few hours after writing her first left , she posted another feed on Instagram where she showed important Hollywood Personalities comprising Kim Kardashian West, Michelle Obama, Helen Mirren, Kate Middleton wearing their popular styles more than once.

Several people came out in favor of Leakes and wrote supporting comments on Instagram and Twitter. One of her fans wrote

“Pay him no mind. 👌🏽 Love that you are wearing it again. Fashion is suppose to be worn more than once,” one fan commented. Another wrote, “Girl those fits aren’t cheap, and some looks should definitely be rocked more than once! I’m all for it! 🙌🏽❤️”

All-day long, several comments came to her post supporting her. Well, let us all just wait now to see how Andy Cohen will respond to this.

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