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Pokemon Sword And Shield Length didn’t go well with the Players

Many of the players finished the Pokemon Sword And Shield within 20 hours.

Pokemon Sword and Shield came out on 15 November 2019. The game received mixed reviews from the audience. The game didn’t impress the audience. Even a Pokemon game fan filed a White House Petition to stop selling the game. It has even polarized The game has divided the Pokemon fanbase in a way that has never been possible before. Now, the players are coming up with a new complaint against the game. The Pokemon community is complaining about the length of the game.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Game Length

While the game length differs from individual to individual, the average duration of time taken to finish the game is calculated to be somewhat near 20 hours. This data was released via a Twitter opinion poll.

The results showed that the average time required to finish the game is 20 hours. While it was just a standard, there were players who were able to complete the game in less than 10 hours. Likewise, there were also players in large amount who took more than 40 hours to finish the game. In the end, the length of the game largely depends on the playing style of the player. If a player takes a decision to blaze through the central story, they will be able to finish the entire game in no time. In the opposite manner, if the player wants to explore the game and fill up their Pokedex, he will take much time to complete the game.

Sword and Shield Speed Through

A lot of players are already done with the game. Only a handful of them was able to complete it in less than 10 hours. One player out of them took only 4 hours and a half to complete the game. Then come the five other players who finished the game in 5 hours or less. These players only visited the main storyline with great speed but still the duration of the game is considered to be very short for a game of this size.

Game is too short

A lot of polarizing comments came up a few hours after the release of this game. A lot was said about Game Freak Presentation by the fans. Joseph posted a tweet to state his displeasure regarding the game in which he wrote “I really liked Pokemon Sword/Shield but one problem it’s too short. I beat the game fully and all the post-game in 20 hours or less. With that much playtime in the game, I personally don’t think it’s worth 60$. I would give it a 6/10.

A view of the same nature was given by another Twitterati which states, “Pokemon Sword and Shield has so much potential but Game Freak literally launched a short-fused game. I would’ve gladly waited another year for more content than this.”

Nevertheless, not everyone had the same opinion about the game. A large amount of players are still confused about the game and are taking their time in finding way how to play it. A Twitterati named Meg expressed her concerned on Twitter.

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