Top Terrorist Qassim Al-Rimi Killed in an Airstrike

Trump Government Kills Top Terrorist Qassim Al-Rimi in an Airstrike in Yemen

Qassim Al-Rimi Killed by US Government: On 6th February 2020, White House confirmed that the top terror leader Qassim Al-Rimi who plans and operates all the terror activities from Arabian Peninsula has been killed now. The U.S. Government has performed the counterterrorism airstrike on the compound where Rimi was living.

Qassim Al-Rimi was the leader of the Terror group’s franchise AQAP. The U.S. Government paid $10 million to get the details about Rimi’s location. Rimi has often given threats TO conduct attacks on the USA. The US Government denied saying a word when asked at the time validating the news.

The Donald Trump Government has also been earlier successful in killing top terrorists from Middle Eastern Countries. The US Airstrike conducted in the month of January killed the Qasem Soleimani. Not only this, in the month of October, Trump sent his soldiers to Syria to put the top ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to death.

The death of the Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) leader is a big achievement for the US Government because he was constantly engaged in planning various attacks on the United States. AQAP Leader Rimi had been in the US Blacklist since the beginning of Trump’s period as President. The Government had earlier targeted Rimi by launching a raid on an al Qaeda compound in Yemen in January 2017 which resulted in 1st military combat death under the President’s leadership, a senior US military administrator stated.

A few days after the 2017 raid, Al-Qaeda released an 11 minutes recording in which they mocked the US President by calling him “the new fool of the White House”.
Rimi’s death will surely demotivate AQAP and all the other terrorist groups operating globally. This will also help in removing all the further damages any group pose to the United Nation. The U.S. and its associates are feeling safer after the Al-Qaeda leader’s death. White House also said that they will keep protecting the citizens of America by finding and killing terrorists who are having an intention to pose a serious threat on our national security.

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